​Letter back to The First Tee thanking them of not only thinking of

the kids, but also small companies that also need to pay the bills.

Call Matt  (616) 232-8814

Here are a couple of tweets I sent out just before

Solheim. I was very proud of it, and knew we faced a challenge with the European team. I had

given the Golf Channel Morning Drive one of my

products at the BMW a week before Solheim. 

 The First Tee of Michigan was my first customer back in early days. If you wish to leave a testimonial after using the putting aid, please do. 

Twitter to Juli Inkster just before Solheim. 

Letter from Ben Hogan after I sent one. I then sent him about 2500

scratch pads. He sent me back another letter of thanks. 

Form and Disclosure sheet envelope

When I first came up with the idea, it was to be 30" instead of its current 15. But I did some rethinking about compactness

Doug Sanders in I. About 1990 I told him of the invention that day

​Description of idea

The first name choice legally was Putterball. In mind 5 years.

Sergio Garcia had picked it up about 6 months earlier.

Notarized copy of disclosure to Invention Submission

Not afraid of standing up for the truth, let me hear from you

Notarized proof of " precise putt" was going to be its name. April 1990

Bob Beyer the director then, and where it started​Thank you much Sir.

Through the years, we've relied on customers to give their honest opinions of our product. Some have copied us already and I'm sure they aren't done. I believe myself to be the originator of this process of putting a ball off a piece of wood or otherwise. Our patent was first applied for around early 1991. It came back almost two years later and they said I needed to include something, and in the meantime, someone else had filed for a similar idea and their filing date beat mine by a few months. Had mine not been returned, I would have easily been the first to get a filing date. 

​Message to Angela Stanford just before Solheim that we were going to make a difference. The reluctance​ among the media, golf magazines and photography firms to cover me, has left me baffled. etc I have called hundreds of places over the years to cover what I believe to be a huge story. Nothing yet.

Here's one from the King. I told you people were thoughtful then.

​Testimonials & Testaments